Zohar and Shachar host Benjamin Boyce, a creator of great content online, mainly on his YouTube channel. He has been "on the front lines" during the Evergreen saga back in 2017, and curated many of the footage that was taken there for the world to see. Later on, he has created a detailed documentary, explaining all the steps that brought things to a boil and eventual collapse. We talk about Evergreen at length, and attempt to look at it from a current perspective, and try to understand the implications of the mindset that prevailed in that campus on the entire country. Among the topics we discuss:
What was Evergreen before 2017
What led to the events of spring 2017
The Evergreen Saga
Bret Weinstein's role
Evergreenization and its effects on society
Clues and trends from the past
Fight, Freeze or Fight in the face of intellectual terrorism

Thank you Benjamin for a lovely and interesting conversation! Please follow him on his Twitter and YouTube.

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